Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heroes Disc Design Competition ends today!

Hi all,

The Heroes disc design competition ends today. We have a couple of designs already, if you have a bit of spare time and want to add your design, please email it to me by the end of today.

The details again:

As a club it is time to make another order of discs, however, instead of running off the same disc design we want you, the Heroes faithful and the greater Brisbane Ultimate community to have the chance to design the disc.

You have 2 weeks from today to create a disc design for the Heroes Ultimate Club/H.U.C. You can use any design/picture/ideas that you think represent Brisbane's Heroes club. Dark green is our club colour but feel free to use other colour schemes. The winner will receive a free disc with their design on it!

Due date: 18th April, 2013
Email to
Prize: Free disc with your design + fame and notoriety.

Winner will be announced on Monday the 22nd of April.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heroes Disc Design Competition!

As a club it is time to make another order of discs, however, instead of running off the same disc design we want you, the Heroes faithful and the greater Brisbane Ultimate community to have the chance to design the disc.

You have 2 weeks from today to create a disc design for the Heroes Ultimate Club/H.U.C. You can use any design/picture/ideas that you think represent Brisbane's Heroes club. Dark green is our club colour but feel free to use other colour schemes. The winner will receive a free disc with their design on it!

Due date: 18th April, 2013
Email to
Prize: Free disc with your design + fame and notoriety.

Winner will be announced on Monday the 22nd of April.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Heroes AGM and Awards Night 2012

For starters, ZOMG new content. It's been a while.

This Saturday night (27/10) will see the HUC stepping out once again as a cohesive unit. Not in a predictable let’s play Frisbee kind of way but to help celebrate the end of another year (and slip in a sneaky AGM).

The AGM starts at 5:30pm so don’t be late.
The venue is Wests Bulldogs Rugby Union Club at Memorial Park, Sylvan Road, Toowong.
Finger food provided (should be lots)

Some detz about the AGM:

So the AGM is coming up on Saturday at 5.30pm so if you have any items that you wish to be on the agenda can you please let me know by Thursday at the latest at

Also, at the AGM we vote for our management committee.

Currently the positions are

President - Gavin
Secretary - Meagan
Treasurer- Craig
Training Officer- Sebastian
Chair person- Chantelle
Tournaments- Carl
Party Officer- Chris

If you wish to nominate or renominate for these positions can you also please notify me by Thursday.

Deadline for nominations and agenda items was yesterday but if ask nicely Meagan might be able to overlook the tardiness and add it to the meeting. Also if you would like to be a part of the management committee but don't want to take on a title I believe it is still possible so think about it.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Heroes at Halibut

As a number of the readers of this blog are surely nursing their weary bodies, and slowly getting into the working week after a fantastic weekend of Ultimate, I will reflect on the Heroes' participation at the 16th Halibut tournament. The tournament had an Olympic theme this year and with no less than 15 Olympic events, and numerous gold medals on offer, there was a lot of fun to be had in between the frisbee.

Our weekend started off fairly poorly. We were matched up against the 2nd seed Moose Knuckle (arguably top seed with the amount of stars on the team) and in very very windy conditions we never really had a chance. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a single point on the board and Moose Knuckle were given the pleasure (or horror) of seeing many Heroes pantsless around the spirit circle.

The second game was against the Lounge Lizards who had narrowly overcome the Pick-up team in the first round. The wind had partially subsided and we reveled in the slightly more favourable throwing conditions to jump out to a slender lead 6-4. From there we had a bit of a lapse and the play of the Lizards improved and they went on a 4 point run to take half 8-6. After the half-time break we traded points until time cap was called at 10-8? I'm not sure of the score but it was a two point margin. This was a game that we were certainly in for the duration and the Lizards took it away from us with composed play. Special mention to friends of the club George Salisbury (Heroes BPL Captain) and Notty who played exceptionally well for the Lizards.

Our final game for the Saturday saw us against the unknown of the Pick-up team. This game was a see-sawing affair with both teams able to string some good plays and points together. The Pick-up team had a handful of experienced players leading the way with plenty of athletic types rounding out the team. We lost a bit of structure, and increased our unforced turnovers with basic skill errors in the second half of the game to go down by 1 at the hard time cap. End score was 10-9 Pick-up.

A few notes on the party. Good venue, Crowne Plaza hotel was very nice. The toga party theme was awesome, wearing nothing but a bed sheet and underwear is extremely comfortable. I had my face in a bowl of pasta for close to 10 minutes for the Olympic eating event, Stefan Rappazo won the "gold medal". Heroes rep Ginny came in a close second at the ice-cream eating contest. Dusty's gold in the toga walk-off event was seen as a formality, the other contestants were really just competing for silver.

Sunday morning; Heroes vs UQ, last round of pool play. UQ were a mess, no, actually, Goose was a mess. In true Goose style he arrived at the fields still dressed in his toga, with nothing else, and exclaims, "Where the f^&* is all my shit!" Goose found his things and the game went ahead. UQ played the entire game with 6 players and although we tried to exploit this it worked against us at times as we did not stick to our man well enough in defense and tried to poach off to get blocks. They played a smart game and waited for our errors and converted well on the turn, throwing numerous times to big man Josh Kane who was often mismatched against smaller Strelans. Ashlee Dodd also played well and knows exactly where the end zone is and the fastest and most direct route to get there. Heroes again had patches of great play. At times we were able to cut our way through their zone at will and when our skills held the points were scored easily. Again the hard time cap was our nemesis as we lost this game 12-11.

The cross-over game saw us against Monstarrs. This game had plenty of friendly banter, and good spirited play. Myall, Reece, Kalin, and the super tall and athletic Scott led the men and Gio, Connie, and Danni led the women. The Heroes had our best half of frisbee of the whole weekend to be even at 6-6 and down 8-6 at half. Unfortunately, the half time break was not kind to us and skill errors again cost us numerous points. We managed to hold on for a couple more points but the Mostarrs were too strong and took the game 15-8.

Our final game was the 9th-10th play off against the Griffith A-team. Their shirts read "I pity the fool that isn't on the Griffith A-team" and from seeing how much fun this young group of guys and girls had all weekend I believe it. We were able to set up a good zone against them and put pressure on their handlers to create turns. Our offense also clicked well this game and we were able to connect with a number of longer shots and played a fast short game that Griffith were unable to match. They had some great points including one of their tall players taking a great catch over my diving bid in the endzone. Certainly a team to watch for the future.

Wrap-up: Heroes finished 9th. One loss by 2 points and 2 losses by 1 point. We were competitive in every game bar the pantsing by eventual tournament champions Moose Knuckle. The halibut tournament is a fantastic weekend, thanks to Stef, the organising committee, and the volunteers that made things happen.

One last note, the Final between MK and Dericioustan was a fantastic game to watch. The highlight reel could have had numerous plays from every single point. Congratulations to MK, narrowly edging out Dericious 15-14.

Thanks for reading this far, any and all comments welcome below.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Retirement: Author(s) Needed

Hey all,

Well this is my last post (at least for the time being). I've enjoyed writing in regards to  BUML and Ultimate more generally, however I've decided to retire from ultimate blogging.  I would love for another author(s) to come forward and take over. 

In words of Jdr, Thanks to all the readers... its been fun.

Monday, July 9, 2012


It’s been a long season, full of great games and many players’ weekly highlights. Personally, I've had a great time playing with White Lantern this season despite not making the finals. Anyway, on to the games that matter! First some details. The BUML committee is holding a BBQ (run by the Black Betty ladies) and costs a gold coin donation. They are even providing veggie sausages and gluten free bread. Sweet.

Game on 7.15pm and followed by a medal presentation.

Division 3: Griffith GoGos vs Mellow Yellow
GoGos finished the regular season with twelve wins, only one loss and a draw to take the minor premiership. Mellow Yellow finished third with nine wins, four losses and a draw. Interestingly, Mellow Yellow is the only team all season is beat the GoGos - but that was way back in round 3. 

In terms of personnel, I know more of MY however the GoGos seem to be very keen for frisbee based off their facebook chatter. 

In going to say this is going to be close, GGG winning by 3.

Division 2: Bermuda Triangle vs What the Huck?
This game seems to me as an 'old' firm against the 'new'. BT has a great track record in BUML, and WTH are building one. BT remains undefeated for the entire season, with the closest game being decided by 5.  WTH came in second with only two loses to BT during the season.

This will be a killer game, and the final that many picked from a long way out. The game plans won't change much; BT will play zone and WTH will play a bit of man and zone. Therefore the winner of this game will be decided by WTH's offence. 

BT by 4

Division 1: UQ Lovers vs Drop Bears
This was not expected. Third (Lovers) playing Fourth (Drop Bears) in the final. I guess this is testament to the evenness of the top division, with any team being able to take out any other on the night. 

This game is going to see key receivers marking eachother (again, as in BPL final). Drop Bears will be missing a couple players so it'll fall to the rest of Drop Bears to get after the Lovers, but I'd say that the Lovers' support players are a little bit more athletic than Drop Bears' (but smarter? I don't know).

UQ Lovers by 4. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Highlights Vid

Yep, just watch it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Heroes Invitational: Party Details

The Party has been confirmed, and here we go.

Party Details:
Story Bridge Hotel's Outback Bar from 6.30pm. (or whenever you get there!)

Theme is Beer, unfortunately we'll still have to meet the dress code with costumes. But do dress up. (Closed in shoes, and no singlets - but is winter, why wear these things?)

We'll have a raffle, were anyone has the chance to win a Bar voucher ($30), each half hour.

Worlds Coverage: NexGen and


As you all know worlds is in Japan this year, and starts on the 7th.
Brisbane is actually in a sweet time zone for watching live ultimate, which is a change of pace for us euro sport followers - Formula 1, Euro Cup, Le Tour de France and the  Olympics. Thats right were only 1 hr ahead of Osaka, Japan which makes for some great viewing that won't get in the way of sleep.

NexGen Ultimate are providing the coverage, at a either $20 for all the games, or $5 each. A good deal I think. are also filming games and by the looks of the schedule they won't be overlapping with NexGen's coverage. They also look like they providing more games. I'm thinking of getting both.

PS: best of luck to the Queenslanders heading out to represent Australia.

BUML Finals Series: All the Games!

Right, so with great time (uni holidays) and blatant refusal of sleep (Stage 1 of Le Tour de France) comes massive blog posts. Or something like that anyways.

Division 1

Dyspnoeics (1) vs. Drop Bears (4) - Easts 1

On the head to head Dyspnoeics should win its currently 2 wins 1 draw.  Each game has been very close, usually about 1 or 2 points between them (except the first game, and that was a different den of Bears). I'm leaning towards the top seed to bring the bacon home.

Poachers (2) vs. UQ Lovers (3) - Annerley 3A

During this season, Poachers have had the Lovers number - with a draw and 2 wins to Poachers. Kalin has again built a team around himself, and proves why he is a playmaker. How does that cheer go? 'Throw it in some water, and poach that s***!' Excellent cheer I must say. I smiled (and laughed) the first time I heard it, I'm a fan. Poachers by a couple.

White Lantern (5) vs. Ghost (6) - Gap 2

Personally, I'm not interested in my own game. It’s an easy one nonetheless, White Lantern win by many. Done. Also Seb and Channy are in Europe, so won't be down - guess I'll have to throw some away to make up for it.

112.1 km left on stage. The brake away group is 2'31'' in front of the peloton.
*Takes drink of water to wake up*

Division 2

Bermuda Triangle (1) vs. Discheads (4) - Annerley 3B

I heard people say 'Bermuda really know how to win Div2' and that's funny cause they've never won Div2 before, maybe this is there time. Discheads have players that do know how to win Div2, because they've done it twice (last time from 4th). I'd say it’s time DH take a (deserved) break from playing in grand finals and have a beer instead. BT by 5ish.

What The Huck? (2) vs. Tsunami (3) - Easts 2

Hmmm, game of the division and possibly of the league (I'm sure Div1 jocks will be mad). What the Huck? is a terrible name, I will call them Huckers instead. So these Huckers are lots of people’s choice to (meet and beat) Bermuda in the grand final. They won the last time these 2 teams played each other. Huckers by 5

Heroes (5) vs. Agents (6) - Gap 1

Intra Club! We all know I love these games. Remember play with a smile and have a great time.  Heroes have been a little up and down this season, and Agents have struggled despite occasionally getting up for a win. I'd back Heroes to win, by a couple.

Chimis (7) vs. Disciples (8) - Annerley 5A

Both of these teams have had difficult seasons, with Chimis showing promise late, but still they find themselves playing for 7th. Disciples do have players to play punishing offense, but apparently they've gone off the radar. Chimis by 7.

87km left, 3'47'' in front. *pours a glass of port to warm myself up*

Division 3

Go Go’s (1) vs. Oh Yeahs (4)

Result: 13 -12 Go Go’s
I heard there could be schtick on instead? I could play schtick.

Ultimate Apostles (2) vs. Mellow Yellow (3) - Annerley 5B

On the head to head, UA is up 2 nil. I don't really see that changing any time soon, as UA have been consistently and convincingly beat teams all season.  Mellow Yellow has had much closer games, as such UA by many.

QUTies (5) vs. Slipped Discs (6) - Griffith 2

QUTies will probably feel let down by their season, as they are just missed out on 4th and now have to play for 5th. This game won't be close. QUTies by 6.

GFC (7) vs. Ultimate Yeast (8) - Griffith 1

Wooden Spoon of the bottom division. No one wants that. I'm going to pick GFC to wreak havoc on the Eurozone, and the beer industry alike.... and to win the game by 4. 

66.1km left, 3'27'' in front. *Goes to bed*

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Return of Sunday Training!


You all asked for it so here it is. Sunday Training is back! Come on down and have some fun!

Details are:
1st July, (tomorrow!) 2-4pm
Gregory Park, Milton (Baroona Rd 5 ways).
2-3pm skills and drills.
3-4pm pick up.
4-late beers at the scratch (no dress code).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just to clarify...

Right so here is everything that you've ever wanted to know about the Heroes Invitational:

When: 14th July:  Captain's Meeting at 8.20, Round 1 starts at 9.
Where: Griffith University (Nathan Campus)

In summery, your $50 gets you:
·         Fields
·         Afda and Quda fees
·         Lunch
·         Dinner
·         Snacks (by way of Nutrition Packs)
·         Fruit
·         Beer all day
·        A Captain’s Bag - 1 per team (this a team gift, an player gift will hopefully also be included)
·        Camera Work, filming over half the games
·         Party

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BPL Winter League


The BPL Winter League starts on Thursday. This is a great opportunity for the Men of Brisbane to join the biggest Men's Ultimate community, and push your skills with some sweet coaching - then play with and against some of the best men in Brisbane Ultimate.

Only question is, what are you waiting for?

Register here

Extra Details
When: Thursday nights 7.15pm - 9.15pm, 28th of June - 2nd of August
Where: Annerley Junior Soccer club
Cost: $25 for rookies to the BPL, $35 if you've played BPL before

Do it, and be apart of something great.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

BUML: The Catch Up Round

Well, in a change of pace I'm gonna preview all the games in the league (cause there is only 4 of them!)

Div. 1:

UQ Lovers vs. Ghost
Lovers have already got a finals spot, but have to win to make it sure it’s third. Well they see Ghost, who will be keen to chalk up a win - but being keen isn't always enough.

Lovers by 10 (depending if they actually try)

Drop Bears vs. White Lantern
Game of the League! If a game was gonna be a showcase, it'd be this one! Winner gets fourth and place in finals - where all the big guns hung out. I honestly don't know who is going to win, but I can say that the last time a Heroes team found itself in the position to get into the finals it pulled its finger out.

Heroes by 5.

Div. 2:
Baby Chimis vs. Discheads
To miss out on the finals DH would have to lose by 11. Not likely. DH are probably the form team in the club, and I'd back them to win against almost any team in the division. I tip to shutdown Chimis - straight up mark the unders (HARD!), when I picked up against them one time this season, the long game was shown to be left wanting.

DH by 6

What the Huck? Vs. Agents

Short straw Agents. We WTH are this bloggers pick to take out the whole damn thing this season, so I expect them to bring the fire (and hucks). Agents should keep their heads up and smile the whole way and run the 'play with a smile play'. I've found that Heroes BUML teams do better with that attitude.

WTH by 6.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

BUML: Penultimate round!

Way back in the beginning of the season we had a league wide wash out on the very first week of competition, so we're replaying it! Awesome you may be thinking, but that depends on who you’re playing and what that game means for finals spots.

Div. 2:

Heroes vs. Discheads - Easts 2

Discheads look like the Club's best chance at a finals birth, currently at 4th - 2 points clear of Baby Chimis. However, Heroes would love a win. I hear they could be short of numbers, Easts definitely feels far away for me (I'm out west in Jindalee- that sounds like a me problem).

Best of luck for both teams, but a DH win.

Agents vs. Disc-iples - Gap 2

Yep, it’s a cellar dweller game - but sometimes they aren’t that bad. The last time these teams met was back in round 8, with the Agents coming out on top. But that was April. Hopefully Agents can get some flow on their unders and work some goals.

Agents to play themselves out of draft picks.

Div. 1:

White Lantern vs. Poachers - Annerley 3A

I don't know but I feel like we just played Poachers (but that's probably because we only played them 3 games ago). Well its crunch time, to put it bluntly. If we win and go into the finals, as a contender -seeing how we've got a 1:1 head to head with Lovers, two 15-all draws against Poachers and 3 loses to Dyspnoeics. We lose and it’s another battle royal between Drop Bears and White Lanterns for the fourth and final spot.

Another damn draw. (Seriously 2 15-all draws is nuts, go for 3 in a row I guess).